Book a 5 star hotel without breaking the bank

Checking into a hotel is so exciting for me. I love staying at hotels and taking those Instagram worthy pictures. Apart from loving hotels, I also love sharing my tips on traveling and booking. For those that love hotels and traveling, listen up! Im about to share with you tips on “how to book 5 star hotels without breaking the bank”!


There are a lot of websites out there that offer discounts on hotels; booking, expedia, getaroom, but you’re gonna want to stick with . Hotelscombined does exactly what it says, it combines all the hotel discount websites and shows you all the hotel prices that are out there for the exact same room so you can pick the most affordable one. 


After you have checked the prices on hotelscombined, and you picked a beautiful hotel. Go to that hotel’s website and make sure you got a good price. SOMETIMES hotels have better offers than the actual discount websites. 


Check the hotel and find out if they are associated with any type of rewards program. Rewards programs offer you, early check in, room upgrade, late check out, complimentary breakfast, cocktails & mini bar. All you have to do is sign up for their rewards program at no cost, & earn points towards free nights! Some hotel rewards are Hilton HHonors & Kimpton Karma Rewards. 


EBATES EBATES EBATES! If you have not downloaded this beautiful system into your browser you have to stop reading and go do this now! I am totally IN LOVE with ebates. Ebates is not just for hotels, it’s for shopping too. Go to any website that you want; amazon, nordstrom rack, macys, nike, and get money back when you buy through them! It costs NOTHING to sign up. Totally free! So when you book that hotel on the lowest price you found, get actual money back just by booking or buying through ebates. Sign up through my link EbatesBrunette and receive a 10$ Bonus. (Ebates doesn’t have every store out there but it does have the most basic and known stores). 


GROUPON! Once, I was staying at a hotel with the hubs for our anniversary and I was able to book a couples massage at the hotel’s spa through Groupon and saved 200$! NO JOKE! Before you do any activity, check Groupon! If Groupon doesn’t have your Hotel’s Spa, check the nearest spa to you in the Groupon’s map and they usually have a deals Spas in hotels close to yours. And BAM, just like that, you can experience 2 hotels in one trip. 


When you have your final price at the hotel you want, (without booking) call the hotel and try to negotiate a better price. Hotels rather have you book directly with them than on discount websites. If they don’t give you a better price, go ahead and book online, and if they do give you a better price, there you go! You just saved more.  

* Click pictures for hotel websites.

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